HUNT IDEA,Idea Connect Innovate

Hunt Idea,A Hunter company.Hunt Idea is a social networking for Thinker,Innovator and Idea seeker.We go with a tag line IDEA CONNECT INNOVATE, with an Idea connect with different minds of world to turn it in to innovation.

This is the platform where you can present your Idea/Project and discuss with other user.We have a great team for you to help in all aspect.We even provide several tools and information required for projects and updates about several competitions and call for papers where you can submit your can mail us to or click here to contact us.


Every problem has a solutions “not one,many”.

Everyone come up with many Ideas irrespective of there age.It is not possible to work on all the Idea and are left behind.They can share their Ideas here so that someone can work on that Idea

Our Mission

To build a community of Thinkers,Idea seekers and world changers.We even provide Idea/project to hunters on which they can work and research or if they have any idea/project they can connect with other minds in the world and turn an idea/project in innovation.Here we also help them to achieve their dreams in innovation in any field.Let’s  join hand and make world a best place.To submit your Idea/project click here.The Idea will be published on behalf of your name and id within 3 hrs.

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1.What this site is about?

A.This is the platform where with your Idea connect with people around world and convert it in innovation,social network for Innovator,Thinker,Idea seeker.Hunt idea even provide several tools required for projects.

2.How can I register for this site?

A.To register click here.

3.Where can I submit my Idea/project?

A.To submit your Idea/project click here.

4.The Idea/project submitted here will be whole property of     Hunt Idea.

A.No,the Idea/Project submitted here will be published on your behalf with your name at the bottom of your Idea.

5.How will I know that my Idea/Project has been Published?

A.You will get a conformation mail from and you can check back the site within three hour.

6.Will I be helped by Hunt Idea if I Work or Research on The Idea/project Published here?

A.Yes,Hunt Idea will help you not only on the Idea/project published here but on any Idea.We have a great team to work for you.You can contact us through our contact form or can mail us to we will be for you always.

7.Who will get the tools required for projects?

A.The tools here are only for register users.To avail the service please register.


 8.should I pay for the membership so that I can access all content of the Hunt Idea?

A.No,this is free to promote Research in every field for students irrespective of their age for the betterment of the society and world.

9.How can I create group?

A.After Login go to your profile at top right corner and navigate to group and then click on create group.After creating group you can even add other Hunters.

10.How can I create Forum?

A.A forum is automatically created for the group if you require any other forum you should message @admin with the title of forum and forum will be created with no time and will be notified to user.

Lets join hands and make this world a BEST PLACE

Submit Idea/Project

Your Idea/project will be published on behalf of your name.A conformation mail would be sent to you.check back the site within two hours.

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